About De L'Lsle Records

About De L'Lsle Records

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the Face of music, is the sound we give it"

De L'Lsle Records is a record company started in 2009.

Now a days the company changed a lot. With 7 trademarks that repicent 10 artists that work solo or as a group, the label is rising. and if you ask us we will rise further in the upcoming years.

Through the development of Mp3 was the cover somewhat forgotten glory, yet it is neither for the real enthusiast a fun gig to have on the track or album. We offer the cover in PDF format for those lovers.
We have expanded our distribution and are now with our artists with the services such as: iTunes, Nokia, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, KKBox and more to call.

In the upcoming years, we want the development of Sales & Marketing with which we already have a basis with iShop.camp, expand. And we want to develop PR yet. Also further investment in equipment are coming up. The development for the studio is with small remodeling another step further, which is now more possibility bid on recordings. More is needed to achieve our vision, but we are under way to.

  "the Music is in our hands"

De L'Lsle Records.

® 2009 De L'Lsle Records